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BRC- Global Standard for Food Safety

In January 1992 the British Retail Consortium was formed, and in 1998 the Retail Consortium merged with it. BRC Global Standard was published for the suppliers of food who supply the food and related items to the retail chain of the stores. BRC Standards describes the organization’s requirement to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products. These standards are now recognized all around the world. It defines the requirement of food safety. According to the food safety Act 1990, this standard includes the inspection and testing of all the food companies. Supplier should have the BRC Certification for the food safety. Having BRC Certification assures the customer that the suppliers are trading with the companies which are meeting the high level of competition in all the critical areas. It assures the customers that the supplier is improving the quality of the product according to the customer demand. This certification also ensures that supplier has taken all the possible measures to prevent the problems.

The objectives of BRC Global standard for food certification:

  1. Provides the best practices.
  2. At all levels of manufacturing supply chain retailer objectives are supported.
  3. Product failure is avoided and standard of supplier is improved.
  4. Multiple audits of food manufacturers are removed.
  5. Concise information is provided to assist with due diligence defense.
  6. Customer confidence is increased.

The BRC Standards cover:

  • Food safety and quality Management System which are based on principles of ISO 9000.
  • Product control- design and development, laboratory and product testing.
  • Training of the staff, protective clothing and personnel hygiene.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, pest control and waste management.
  • The food safety plan-HACCP programme based on Codex Alimentarius.
  • Senior Management Commitment & Continual Improvement.

The certification of this standard guarantees the quality value of the product, its safety and it also makes sure that the manufactures of the product has fulfilled all the legal obligations. Hence provide protection for the end consumer. These standards are nowadays the basic requirement of major retailers. The BRC Standard meets the strong need to protect the honesty of the branded products. Certification of BRC is the single verification which ensures the both the fulfillment of legal obligations and protection of the customer by making sure the safety of the product.


  • Duplication of evaluation was minimized.
  • Ensure transparency and compliance with fair trading legislation.
  • Improving and continuously reviewing the standards and supporting the process.
  • Best practice is promoted.

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