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SEDEX Certification

As the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, Sedex is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution, helping you to reduce risk, protect your company reputation and improve supply chain practices. Sedex is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. It has more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

Two main aims of SEDEX are:

  1. To simplify the burden on suppliers facing multiple audits, questionnaires & certification
  2. To manage improvements in the ethical performance of global supply chains.

Core product of Sedex is a secure, online database which allows members to store and report on information in four key areas:

  • Labor standards
  • Health and safety
  • The environment
  • Business ethics

Sedex was launched in 2004. Since then sedex has been a platform of choice for exchanging ethical supply chain data for more than 38000 organizations around the globe. There are three different types of membership in sedex system. One of the major challenges faced by much business organization is storing and reporting on ethical data. Companies who want to maintain and report on ethical data are supported by Sedex as it offers a sophisticated IT solution. Sedex reduces the duplication and ease the burden on suppliers who face multiple audits by enabling suppliers to control audit. This system is flexible to suit all members’ programmes.

The Tool and Standard used by SEDEX is named SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. SMETA Guidance includes:

  • Detailed audit execution
  • Suggested time plan for the audit.
  • Training and experience requirements for auditors.
  • Number of interviews suggested for the size of company.
  • Suggested pre-audit communication.

Methodology of SMETA uses the ETI code and local law as the measurement tool. It also includes the module of health and safety and labor standards as well as the optional pillars of environment and Business Ethics.

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