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ISO 22001 is a standard established by International Organization for Standardization which is related to food safety and ensures the food quality system throughout the chain of the food system. Earlier it was known as HACCP. This system has been adopted by many countries and is also compulsory in some countries. This standard is systematic quality method to analyze and control the chemical, physical and biological hazards for the food and beverage industry. It helps to recognize the critical control points in the production process and demonstrates the critical limits.

ISO 22001 is the standard which is used by an organization which is directly or indirectly involved in the food chain that includes farms, dairies and fisheries. Use of this standard increase the customer’s satisfaction and makes it easy to understand the safety of food packaging everywhere in the organization. Staff performance and staff morale of an organization also increases. Implementation of food quality and food safety programs can eliminate costs that result from poor quality and unsafe food products.

Benefits of executing ISO 22001:

  1. Enhance the Customer satisfaction
  2. Improves staff motivation
  3. It reduces the need for the cost of end product testing.
  4. Enhances the customer satisfaction and reduces dissatisfaction.
  5. Improves internal & external communication.
  6. Improves an organization’s image.
  7. A preventative approach to food safety.
  8. It helps to reduce food borne diseases.
  9. It helps in better utilization of resources.
  10. It helps to recognize the improvement process & reduced customer complaints.
  11. Tests compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and your own systems through internal audits and management reviews.

ISO 22001 helps an organization to minimize food related hazards throughout the food chain by making sure that there is no critical point. Food safety is the responsibility of all the organization participating in food chain. Failures in food supply can lead to death, poor reputation of organization, violations, poor nutrition, poor quality products and reduced profits.

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