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ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

ISO 14001 (EMS) is a family of standards related to Environmental Management System that exists to help the organization to minimize how their organization negatively affects the environment and also helps to improve the same. It prescribes control on the negative activities which affect the environment. It is used by the organization that wants to improve the efficiency, reduce wastage and also reduces the cost. ISO 14001 is also known as generic management system which means it is relevant to any organization seeking to improve and manage resources more effectively.
Environmental Management System is a systematic way to discover and control the effects of problems raised due to environmental issues. Cost savings can be made through improved efficiency and productivity. These are achieved by detecting ways to minimize waste and dispose of it more effectively and by learning how to use energy more efficiently. All the legal requirements are covered in ISO 14001. All the major issues related to safety and environment like fire safety, first aid and all other legal requirements applicable in the region are implemented in ISO 14001.

Benefits of ISO 14001:

  • To assist companies with the framework for better management control that can result in reducing their environmental impacts.
  • Reduction in wastage.
  • Consumption of resources.
  • Savings from safer workplace conditions
  • Better control of liabilities.
  • Improved utilization of by-products.
  • Better housekeeping.
  • Safe to work
  • Special requirements for women
  • Environment friendly and echo friendly approach.

Requirements of ISO 14001 are similar to EMAS. Requirements for EMAS include:

  1. Compulsory information is provided to the general public
  2. registration by a public authority
  3. Requirements on the measurement and gathering information of environmental performance against objectives and targets.
  4. government supervision of the environmental verifiers
  5. Strong employee involvement; EMAS organizations acknowledge that active employee involvement is a driving force and a prerequisite for continuous and successful environmental improvements.

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