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ISO 29990 (LSPs)

The ISO 29990: 2010 was established in September 2010 as an ISO Standard and was published in December 2010. It is related to Learning Services for non-formal education & training. The basic requirement for providers of learning services in non-formal education & training is specified by this international standard. In cases where the learning service provider is part of an organization that delivers products (goods & services) in addition to learning services, this international standard only applies to the unit providing the learning services. Vocational training, life-long learning & company training are included in non-formal education and training.

The objective of this international standard is to provide a general model for quality professional practice and performance, a common reference for learning service providers and their clients in design, development and delivery of non formal education, training and development.

ISO 29990 is for:

  1. Training agencies built in within the secondary schools.
  2. Teaching service providers who deal with vocational, linguistic or technical training.
  3. Companies or organizations that provide training courses.
  4. Companies and organizations that have a department dedicated to training of employees.

The term ‘learning services’ is used by ISO 29990 instead of ‘training’. Its main focus is on learner and result of the process, it also targets on the different options available for conveying learning services. This standard focuses on the competency of learning.

Benefits of ISO 29990:

  1. Identify and protection needs of all interested parties.
  2. Transparency and comparability of training services increases.
  3. Successful certification provides proof of quality.
  4. Focus on student and learning results are encouraged.
  5. Provides an organizational model verifiable, certifiable and communicable.
  6. International marketability.
  7. Optimization of business process improving the organizational effectiveness.
  8. Motivation and active participation of staff.
  9. Improved learning environment.
  10. Assured resources including trainers.

In today’s world knowledge plays very important role in our daily life. It is also considered as business oriented service. New economic opportunities are created by the growing economic importance of learning in the global knowledge society. Guarantee of Quality therefore becomes a critical issue.

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