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Kosher Food Certification

Kosher food is the food stuff which has been prepared according to the Jewish Law. Kosher food conforms to the regulations of kashruit. In this standard meat and dairy products cannot be consumed together at a time. Meat and dairy must be completely separated. To ensure that this rule is followed, there is a separate kosher kitchen which contains separate utensils and preparation areas are also separate. In this system both dairy and meat cannot be even served together. According to Kosher certification organization Badatz Igud Rabbonim KIR, the rule was interpreted from the Torah, which states: “You may not cook a young animal in the milk of its mother”. Kosher certification is provided by a third party certifying Jewish agency.

The only Kosher animals, for all intents and purposes, are cows, sheep and goats, while kosher poultry includes chicken, duck, turkey, geese and pigeon, says KF Kashrus, another kosher certification agency. Permissible animals must be slaughtered according to laws in the Torah, with the animal’s death to be as instantaneous as possible. In the religious slaughter also animal’s blood should be removed and also should include the prohibition of fats and veins.
Chocolate and other sweet snack must also be kosher certified. Chocolates both either dairy certified or To ensure that the finished product is compliant with kosher laws food may be prepared and manufactured under rabbinical supervision depending upon the product.

Benefits of kosher food certification:

  1. To meet the growing demand.
  2. Enhance the sales.
  3. Significant growth in revenues.
  4. Assures the quality and safety.
  5. Pure food that is fit for the consumption under the strict kashrut guidelines.
  6. Reduces the risk of diseases.

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