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GOST-R Certificate (Russian Certification)

GOST –R Certification is done for the goods which are being exported to Russia. It reveals that the products which are being imported follow the Russian standards, quality and all the necessary safety requirements. This certification is compulsory for the custom clearance in Russia and also for marketing within the country. Group of products which come under this certification include cosmetics, food products, toys, textiles, household electrical products. This certification ensures that the products comply with the Russian safety regulations.

GOST R Certification assures the conformity of products with the Russian safety standards and regulations and it also helps to get certification or declaration which we need to attain for the trade in Russia. GOST R mark reveals the products safety and conformity. Certification system aims at protecting the rights of a consumer and shuns the import of low quality products.
GOST R Certification includes mandatory and voluntary certification depending on the product. Products which fall in the category of mandatory GOST-R certification include conformity to standards, safety, and interchangeability and whether it is eco- friendly.
When a company wants to raise its profile or company does not have specified document which are needed, then voluntary GOST certificates are obtained. Hence a company can have both the certifications i.e. voluntary and mandatory certification.
The Russian Federation has its own rules which are governed by its licensing protocols known as GOST R. The manufacturer has to fill the form about products before the certificate is issued. Some of the samples are given for the tests which can be done at the place where manufacture of products takes place. Manufacturer has the right to choose any accredited lab for testing. After all this Production conditions are checked every year.
Manufacturer gets the declaration when his products are found safe for the consumption as well as does not affect the environment and he also gets the GOST R certification. It helps to increase the level of trust in consumers and also increases the reputation.

Benefits of GOST-R Certification:

  1. Supports to reach Russian market easily.
  2. Reputation of an organization increase.
  3. Minimizes risk.
  4. Money saving and time saving procedure.
  5. Consumer and client satisfaction.
  6. Opens new market for the business.

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