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Global Gap

Global GAP, Euro GAP, was started in 1997 by members of Europe as a retailer initiative. Its objective was to develop standards for agriculture and also the procedure for international certification of GAP. The standards were designed to make the trade all around the globe easier.
Global GAP is a privately owned-applied quality assurance-and certification system for agriculture and the names of an organization that defines the system and operates. Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice) helps an organization or a company to grow healthy and safe products in a reasonable and sensible way. It provides guidelines to the organization to protect the fruits and vegetables from harmful effects or hazardous substances. Poor quality of fruits and vegetables affects the health of the consumer. An organization should ensure that their product does not cause bad effects to the consumers. Health and safety is the responsibility of an organization. Global Gap certification makes the surety about the better quality of products. This standard is applicable to all types of organization whether small or big.

Benefits of GLOBAL GAP:

  1. Enhancement of safety of food.
  2. Reduction of risk and risk management is improved.
  3. Helps to provide sustainable agriculture.
  4. Safety at workplace.
  5. Food hazard for human consumption is decreased.
  6. Utilization of resources.
  7. Innovative ideas are developed for the growth.
  8. Environmental risk reduces and sustainable environment is provided.
  9. Safe production methods are developed.
  10. Increase productivity and brand value is encouraged.
  11. Reputation of organization improves.
  12. Conformance of regulatory and legal requirement.

Global GAP is mainly used by the agriculture and farming industries which ensure that foods which are produced are safe and healthy for the consumption by the consumers. The main aim of this standard is to ensure the harmonization, integrity and transparency of Global Agriculture Standards. Throughout the world Global GAP serves as a practical manual. An equal partnership of agricultural producers and retailers who wish to establish efficient certification standards and procedures are its basis.
To the Global GAP certification, the producer or group of producers require a complete administrative system so that they can check all the activities and process and procedure of manufacturing products or all farm activities. Sufficient administrative and financial capacity is required by this. Therefore it is easier for large-scale producers to meet the requirements. GLOBALGAP rules are comparatively adjustable for field practices such as soil fumigation and fertilizer usage. There are strict regulations about pesticide storage and pesticide residue limits. In addition, it is important to record and justify how the product was produced, so detailed records must be kept about farm practices.

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