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ISO 30000 (Ship Recycling Management System)

ISO 30000 has been established for a safe ship recycling standard. In accordance with international standards ISO 30000 specifies the requirements to authorize a ship recycling facility to develop and implement procedures, policies and objectives in order to undertake safe ship recycling operations. The management system requirements take into account the relevant legal requirements, safety standards and environmental issues that the ship recycling facility needs to identify and comply with in order to carry out safe and environmentally sound ship recycling.
ISO 30000 applies to the whole process of ship recycling.
The organization who are responsible for the recycling, determines the hazards onboard the ship, bring goods and services required for the recycling of the ships, recycling process carries out in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This standard also provides the training for the recycling of ships. It ensures the availability of first aid, Safety, health checkups and food provided. It also covers waste and recycling Management. Contractual agreements and documentation control for the process also come under this standard.

ISO 30000 is relevant to any ship recycling facility that wishes to:

  1. Implement and improve a safe and environmentally sound management system for the recycling of ships.
  2. Looking for confirmation of its conformance by parties having an interest in the facility such as customers.
  3. Looking for confirmation of its self-declaration by a party external to the organization.
  4. Define the Quality policy of the system.
  5. Designing a self-determination and self-declaration.
  6. Certification of its management system by an external organization.

ISO 30000 ensure that all the workers are working in safe condition at recycling stage.

Benefits of ISO 30000 certification:

  • Strict procedures and better organized functioning of the ship facility.
  • Better working condition lead to increased productivity.
  • Faith among customers.
  • Efficient service.
  • Reduces risks of accidents at the place of work.
  • Upgrades the reputation.
  • Management system ensures that recycling of ships is done in time which makes it easy to complete an audit.
  • Environment protection is encouraged by the standard.

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