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ISO 9001 (Quality management system)

ISO 9001 (QMS) is accepted globally by many countries. More than 200 countries accepted the standard. ISO 9001 implementation provide a confidence about the Quality of the product and services to the Exporter and other customers sitting worldwide. The organization capability can be confirmed by looking at their Audit reports, their Quality Policy and other related documents like their objectives, their Quality documents and their certification number. ISO Certificate is issued after third party audit. There are accreditation boards that approved the certification bodies and then only certification body can issue the Certificate.
Organizations of all types whether small or big which aims at improving the quality and service of their products are applicable for the ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 Requirements Summary can be defined below:-

  • The quality policy is a formal statement from management, closely linked to the business and marketing plan and to customer needs.
  • The business makes decisions about the quality system based on recorded data.
  • The quality system is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness.
  • When developing new products, the business plans the stages of development, with appropriate testing at each stage. It tests and documents whether the product meets design requirements, regulatory requirements, and user needs.
  • Records show how and where raw materials and products were processed to allow products and problems to be traced to the source.
  • The business determines customer requirements and makes documents to show how they have done so.
  • The business deals with past problems and potential problems. It keeps records of these activities and the resulting decisions, and monitors their effectiveness.
  • The business has created systems for communicating with customers about product information, enquiries, contracts, orders, feedback, and complaints.
  • The business regularly reviews performance through internal audits and meetings. The business determines whether the quality system is working and what improvements can be made. It has a documented procedure for internal audits.

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification:

  1. Provides fast, efficient and effective operation.
  2. Meets the customer needs.
  3. Motivates employees and create awareness.
  4. Reduction of wastage.
  5. Reduction of risk and increases productivity.
  6. Raises international trade.
  7. Reduces audit.
  8. Improves quality of marketing.

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